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Tom Brady and Wes Welker Make Like the Honey Badger and Don't Give a **BLEEP** at the Kentucky Derby

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The Kentucky Derby took place over the weekend. Known for mint juleps and giant hats, if you're not going to go overboard and have a little fun with your fashion at the Derby, why bother at all?

Indecision 2010

No, this post isn't about this fall's mid-term elections. It's about the subject of my previous blog topic, Mr. Brett Favre. The hot mess-ness continued yesterday, after he decided he had enough of being a lazy oaf in Mississippi and showed up at training camp for the Minnesota Vikings. Just in time for it to be over. He also chose to finally address his intentions for the season.  The ridiculously indecisive quarterback said that he will return to the Minnesota Vikings for his 20th, and so he says, final, NFL season.

Like a Prayer

I just came across this quote and I couldn't disagree with it more:

"Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one."  -Bruce Lee

That is all.

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