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Derek Jeter Is One Thoughtful Guy

Ladies, when hooking up with this man not only will you get some lovin', but a parting gift in addition. Score indeed.

You Will Never Be This Famous

Ah, October. A great time of year for so many reason. The weather. The treats --caramel apples and pumpkin latte, anyone? Playoff baseball. And of course, my birthday.

The Phillies are in the midst of a battle with the St. Louis Cardinals to win the National League Divisional Series and advance to the next round of the playoffs. For a team so good that only a World Championship will do, a win Friday night in Philadelphia is critical.

Does ANYONE Care about the Barry Bonds Trial?

Barry Bonds

Last week, we faced the very real possibility of federal government may shut down todaydue to disagreements about how to spend federal funds. Yet no one in Washington seems to care that taxpayer money is being throw out the window on an issue that is a giant waste of time and money. I am speaking about the Barry Bonds trial.

Boo Likes Baseball

He's wearing the wrong team's attire, but this one makes everything adorable so we'll just go with it

Why DO We Love Cliff Lee?


Spring is in the air. The snow has melted, the days are longer, and the boys of summer are warming up in Clearwater. Philadelphians and, indeed, the world of baseball, are abuzz with what will surely be strong Phillies team. And we just can't stop talking about that pitching rotation.

Cliff Lee Returns to the Phillies. A Love Story.

One day, a man named Cliff Lee came to the Philadelphia Phillies. And he was loved.

Photo: USA Today

Root for This Man in the World Series

The World Series starts this evening. Sadly, it will not feature the Philadelphia Phillies. Wondering who to root for? Root for this man.

Texas Rangers ace and former Phillie Cliff Lee. Root for him because he is just that good. His ERA during the playoffs is 0.75. Tonight he goes head to head with Tim Lincecum (bleah), whose ERA is a shabby 1.93 ERA in comparison thus far in the post season.

Fashion Offense: Brian Wilson

It's moments after the Phillies 3-0 loss to the San Francisco Giants. Phillies fans are hopeful but concerned. The team is down 2-1 in the NLCS series and the team has two more games to play in San Francisco. There is no more room for error.

September's Heating Up

In my ecstasy that was the return of football, I have neglected to write about my beloved Phillies. I am have no excuse. I will try harder. Part of the reason for my silence is the fact that I don't have much that can be put into more than a very few words. I'm excited. The Phillies are yet again rocking in September. Cole Hamels seems to be back to 2008 World Series form. It all seems to have finally come together.

Every Time I hear the Diamondbacks referred to as the "D-Backs" ...

...I think I hear "d-bags." And then, startled, I have to turn and really focus on the story. This happens Every. Single. Time. Am I the only one with this affliction?

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