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It's a Wrap! Final Thoughts on Philly Beer Week 2010

I am fully recovered and sufficiently detoxed from this year's Philly Beer Week. If you couldn't tell from my previous entry, I had a great time and and enjoyed a variety of events featuring different breweries. The other events attended were (continued from previous entry):

5. Sly Fox BBQ Night at the P.O.P.E. - Tuesday, June 8

Philly Beer Week So Far

We are In the midst of Beer Week, and it's already been a great selection of events. Here are the events I have attend thus far and some comments on them.

1.  Opening Tap - Friday, June 4

The official opening event of Beer Week was held this year at the Independence Visitor's Center. The line to this was around the block and then some. So many beer lovers in Philadelphia...part of what makes it great.

Philly Beer Week is Almost Here!

It has been a wait of a year and three months, but this time next week Philly Beer Week 2010 will be upon us. Philly Beer Week, you have been missed. In previous years, the week was held in mid-March. After much deliberation it was decided that, among other reasons, there was too much competition with St. Patrick's Day events with local bars. Additionally, the March timeframe competed against the famous Zythos Beer Festival in Belgium, ensuring virtually no representation from Belgian brewers at Beer Week festivities. So, and the event was moved to June.

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