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Opening Sunday and I'm 0 for 2

I have spent most of this day watching football. Both teams I was pulling for lost--the Colts and Eagles. One more game to go--Redskins versus Cowboys (gotta cheer for Donovan). Following 3 teams may damn well kill me this season. I don't know how I'm going to sustain this. I was emotionally drained after the Colts game and had a headache after so much screaming, then on to the Eagles at 4:15. Now the Redskins at 8. I am turning into a dude.

Eagles Rookies Take in Some Culture

As a welcome to their new city, the 2010 rookie class of the Philadelphia Eagles had a tour of Philadelphia and visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Part of that visit, of course, was the requisite running up the Art Museum steps. I hope they enjoyed the run up the stairs, hummed the theme song, and pumped their fists with vigor--any visitor to Philadelphia is only permitted to do this once before being chastised. 

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