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Eli Manning

Eli Mannning on SNL: Will He Surprise Us?

After winning his second Super Bowl ring, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has built up the cajones to finally accept Saturday Night Live's offer to be guest host.

Will he surpass expectations? Maybe. I can't imagine that there are many anticipating that this will go well for Eli so if you don't expect much, it won't take much to impress you.

Wishing You A Merry Tebow!

I blame Peyton Manning's neck injury and absence all season for skewing the balance of the NFL universe. Eli stole his mojo and is being hailed as--*shudder*--an elite quarterback. The Bengals have a winning record and may just make the playoffs, and the Eagles are 5-8. And the sporting universe is obsessed with a quarterback who can't throw a ball.

Fashion Offense: Bless Eli Manning's Heart

Football season starts tomorrow (woot!). Time to sharpen those mock-your-rival-team skills.

Being an Eagles fan, the Giants are among the my most hated teams. I revel in the Giants' misery. And, more than anything else, I laugh at their quarterback. 

The Giants give all opponents the easy comedic target of Eli Manning. Many times when watching Giants' games I have to bite my tongue so that I can stop being mean to Eli.

Peyton and Eli Manning Add Law Enforcement to Their Resumes

Image via footballcops.com

Eli Manning is a Papa

Photo by: Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

Get Ready for Manning Bowl!

Manning Bowl is the term coined for the meeting of the teams of Manning brothers Eli (New York Giants) and Peyton (Indianapolis Colts) in NFL competition. It doesn't happen every season so when the match up does occur there is much media attention. You are going to hear the term "Manning Bowl"  so much this week that you soon will get to the stage that you may scream when you hear it. Before you get to that point, watch this DirecTV spot playing off of the upcoming bout of brotherly competition. It's pretty amusing.

Fashion Offense: Eli Manning

Watching Comcast Sportsnet a few minutes ago, I see Eli Manning being interviewed. I am half paying attention, then see something horrible. Eli's outfit. Shorts and LOAFERS. Loafers without socks. I cannot stand men in flip flops, and loafers sans socks is overtaking that look as my all time biggest male fashion pet peeve.  Were you not told in advance that you were doing an interview for television, Mr. Manning?

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