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Spencer Hawes Decked Out in Full-On Christmas Cheer

LA Clippers center Spencer Hawes has raised the bar immeasurably on holiday fashion by rocking the loudest Christmas suit ever created. That is over 7 feet of Christmas cheer decked out in a full-on wrapping paper explosion.

You may want to rethink that Hawes invite to your ugly Christmas sweater party, as all others have lost before even entering the room. That's no way to spread holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas, y’all!

Fall Fashion Must-Haves: Coffee, Sports, and Cell Phone

Fall is here, and with it some of the most amazing parts of our culture: Football. Houndstooth. The iconic Starbucks red cup.

Coffee. Yes please.

Cam Newton to Debut Clothing Line in Fall 2013

Photo via Huffington Post

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton may be the frustrated leader of a struggling football team, but he has remained stylish even in defeat. That fact is little consolation to the 2011 NFL Rookie of the Year, but we know around here that fashion matters.

Brooklyn Nets Go Hard with Dance Team Uniforms

Image via Yahoo! Sports

What They'll Be Wearing: Oregon Ducks Uniforms for BCS Title Game

The Oregon Ducks will take on Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers in the much anticipated BCS Title game this evening. As Oregon is known for its insane uniform combinations, courtesy of Nike, what have they selected to wear for this important appearance?



Fashion Offense: Howard Eskin

The clock neared time for kick off. Anticipation in the stadium grew. Fans were eager to see the stars of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts teams take the field. Then this fool strolls across the grass in his big a** fur coat.

Yes, flamboyant Philadelphia sports reporter Howard Eskin. I never noticed it until now, but he looks EXACTLY like the king in the Burger King ads. This is not a compliment. That thing is creepy as hell.

Fashion Offense: Dwayne Wade

Yes, it's just a Halloween costume, but unlike Shaq, basketball star Dwayne Wade's get up does not get him out of a fashion offense citation. Wade dressed up as pop/acting/dancing superstar Justin Timberlake. No problem there--in fact, sounds like a great idea for a costume. Until you see where he went with it.

(Photo: blacksportsonline.com)

Shaq's Halloween Costume

Shaq had fun this Halloween. Anyone who has seen the video of him showing off his costume and Halloween persona can attest to this. Viewers of the clip may now be in a catatonic state after seeing the ginormous, heavily tattooed basketball player dressed up and lip syching as his female alter ego, Shaqeeta, but they are undoubtedly comforted in the knowledge that Shaquille O'Neal had a good Halloween. Perhaps what is most disturbing about this clip is the fact that, um, Shaq kind of did an awesome job in his faux singing and dancing performance. I can't explain it.

Those Orthopedic Looking "Fitness" Shoes

A general rant on these fitness shoes that are showing up everywhere. For both genders, in all brands.They are heinous. Just get your behind to the gym or do a Jillian Michaels workout video and avoid the shoes, please.

Payless again. We're currently fighting. A break up is inevitable if crap like this keeps appearing.

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