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Pay Less, but Not for These

My hard to fit feet mean that I will always have some allegiance to Payless, a store that always stocked my size even when others didn't. Thankfully there are a multitude of options now for those of us who wear bigger shoe sizes. But I always take a peak at what Payless has in stock partially out of habit, partially out of a sense of obligation.

Fashion Offense: Randy Moss

Randy Moss displayed a whole lot of crazy in his post game press conference yesterday after the New England Patriots' defeat of the Cincinnati Bengals. So much going on that I couldn't listen after first the 30 seconds of insanity. All I could do was look. At that outfit. Which had oh so many things going on... I think I am most fascinated by the giant headphones. I mean, what?! No, I'm wrong. The pièce de résistance of this ensemble is the red doo rag. Worn beneath an off-center baseball cap.

Downtown Venus: US Open Fashion

The eyes in the world of tennis are focused on Flushing, New York this weekend to watch the women's (tonight) and men's (tomorrow) US Open finals.

This year's women's final will see neither of the Williams sisters. Serena is not playing due to an ankle injury, and Venus lost in the semifinals yesterday to Kim Clijsters.

Finding the Perfect Pair of Pants: You Will Not Destroy Me, Horrible Women's Sizing!

I am certainly not the first to say it, but the sentiment proves its truth each and every time I go shopping, particularly for pants: The fashion industry aims to keep women neurotic. This is the only possible explanation for the wild inconsistency in sizing from brand to brand, and even within brands across styles. Yes, women's sizing is necessarily more difficult than men's because there are more variables to take into account. But seriously. This doesn't begin to explain why the sizing of women's clothing is so dreadful.

Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Acid Wash Jeans

A visit to Target this Labor Day weekend led to no success in the primary purpose of my visit-- my apparently never ending quest for great fitting pants. The awful fit and sizing of women's clothing is a topic for another post (coming soon!), but today I wanted to share with you some of the horrors I witnessed on that trip. Over the past few years I have seen retailers bit by bit try to convince consumers that a return to acid wash jeans is a smart, hip, and modern choice. But those were, thankfully, weak attempts, and consumers did not take the bait.

Major Fashion Offense: Otis Hudson

Who knew that sports' most prolific tweeter, Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinatti Bengals, would help me in my mission to eradicate bad fashion from sports. But, there you have it. Mr. Ochocinco spotlighted a poor rookie's "fashion" last night via Twitter. The photo features Bengals rookie Otis Hudson in a tragic combination of shorts paired with over the calf socks and dress shoes. Ochocinco BFF Terrell Owens is seen in the picture pointing and laughing at his teammate.  After sharing a few laughs, I hope T.O.

Fashion Offense: Eli Manning

Watching Comcast Sportsnet a few minutes ago, I see Eli Manning being interviewed. I am half paying attention, then see something horrible. Eli's outfit. Shorts and LOAFERS. Loafers without socks. I cannot stand men in flip flops, and loafers sans socks is overtaking that look as my all time biggest male fashion pet peeve.  Were you not told in advance that you were doing an interview for television, Mr. Manning?

Tom Brady, Your Hair Makes Me Hate You More

Tom Brady said this week that he doesn't like "Hard Knocks" because he doesn't like the New York Jets. My NFL allegiances are with neither team the Patriots nor the Jets, but Brady's dislike of the Jets makes me like them a whole lot more.

Phasionable Phillies

Last Monday, the Philadelphia Phillies turned out to strut their stuff to help teammate Shane Victorino's charity, the Shane Victorino Foundation. So many athletes are built like models--tall and lean--so a turn at modeling is a natural progression. I especially love seeing handsome athletes know how to work their style out of uniform. I've selected some of my favorite looks from the Phillies on the runway from the event. A great cause and a fun look at some of my favorite athletes off of the baseball field. I am sure my invitation was lost in the mail.

You Better Size Up

It is almost Memorial Day Weekend, and that means that summer is upon us. As warm weather is here for a few months, Philadelphians will not be shy about breaking out some of the typical summer fashion faux pas that burn my eyes each and every summer. In fact, I saw one such offense on the way home this evening. A rather large woman in a barely there white halter. I rubbed my eyes. And rubbed them again. This was not a bad dream. The woman probably thought that she actually looked good. And that her shirt fit well. And was sexy, even. But no. No.

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