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Hot Coach Alert and Fashion Defense: Jay Wright

Jay Wright, head coach of Villanova University's men's basketball team, is the essence of the word "debonair." If you've ever seen him, this fact is nothing new.  According to Wright's Wikipedia profile, he has been named to GQ Magazine's "Fashionable Four" on several occasions.

Hot Coach Alert: Mario Cristobal

We're in the thick of college bowl season. I don't follow college football too closely, as there is just too much to keep up with. As I went to a crappy school with a crappy football program, there are no teams that I am passionate about. It's a sad story, really. Bowl season alone makes my head spin--the number of bowls is insane. And the names. My God, the names. My personal favorite is the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl (the winning team in this was Louisville, by the way--congrats to them).

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