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Hot Mess

Roy Williams Teaches You How Not to Propose

Someone isn't smiling about his little proposal fiasco.

Dose of Crazy: Ron Artest Wants World Peace As Part of His Name

It seems as though you have to be in a certain income bracket in order to attain a certain level of crazy. More likely, it's that income bracket that simply gets you the publicity of your insanity.

Do you know anyone who just changed their name for the heck of it? My point exactly.

Does ANYONE Care about the Barry Bonds Trial?

Barry Bonds

Last week, we faced the very real possibility of federal government may shut down todaydue to disagreements about how to spend federal funds. Yet no one in Washington seems to care that taxpayer money is being throw out the window on an issue that is a giant waste of time and money. I am speaking about the Barry Bonds trial.

LeBron James' Mother is Insane

Mrs. James enjoying a rare moment of calm

Brett Favre on "Dancing with the Stars"? Yes, Please

Look! He's got the jazz hands down!

Public Service Announcement: Avoid Contact with This Man

Due to a snowpocalypse in Philadelphia, the scheduled Sunday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles was postponed until Tuesday night at 8 pm.

That means that this man is stranded in Philadelphia. With two unplanned days free. He seems to not be so great with using his free time in a productive way, so this is a matter of public concern.

Who Is the Most Dysfunctional NFL Team of 2010?

It's the end of the year, that fun time when you have a chance to look at the year that was. I wanted to hurry up and get this post up before more teams became highly dysfunctional and required a write up--I'm talking to you, New York Jets. It's been an insanely eventful year in the NFL, full of drama, deep dysfunction, and bad coaching.

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