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Kentucky Derby

Erin Andrews Really Likes Her Horrid Hat

Photo courtesy of Erin Andrews' Twitter profile (www.twitter.com/ErinAndrews)

Wow. Erin Andrews really likes the flying saucer on her head that she wore to the Kentucky Derby.

Fashion Offense: Erin Andrews

Photo courtesy of NESN


The Kentucky Derby. The fashion gift that keeps on giving to The Sports Muse.

Oh, where to start with this image? Though I can barely see her beneath the hat, ESPN personality Erin Andrews overall looks lovely. But my goodness--that hat.

Aaron Rodgers at the Kentucky Derby: Yay or Nay? You Decide

Photo courtesy of NESN

Clearly the Kentucky Derby was the place to be this weekend to be seen in loud attire.

Behold the southern horse race fashion stylings of Aaron Rodgers. I don't love the color of the jacket at all, but he steered clear of a hat so I feel like I should give him some credit. I can't give him a full on fashion defense, and it's not quite an offense.

Fashion Offense: Tom Brady at the Kentucky Derby

Photo courtesy of TerezOwens.com

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