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LeBron James

LeBron and Nike Answer the Haters

This week marked the start of the 2010-2011 NBA season. And that meant that the world would finally have a chance to have a look at LeBron James added Miami Heat. Only time will tell if the team warrants the amount of hype it has been given, and given themselves, in the off season.

Fashion Offense: LeBron James

I am not fully awake and therefore may not be seeing this correctly. However, I could swear that I just saw LeBron James giving a post game interview wearing a backpack. Really? A grown man? A GIANT grown man, in fact? With a backpack on while sitting in front of a microphone? Noo.

LeBron, I'm Not Mad at Ya

The country has gone a bit insane in its reaction to LeBron James having a primetime special on ESPN to announce his intentions in the NBA for the next several years. The Miami Heat won his affections, while the New York Knicks and his former home of Cleveland Cavs lost. Cleveland should be used to losing, so I'm not sure of the big deal there.That's part of why the self-appointed "King James" chose to go to Miami. But LeBron jerseys in that city were burned, murals torn down.

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