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Motown Cures All

Picture it: Philadelphia. 2010. It's the busiest time of year for our young (shut it) heroine, and she is feeling the stress. Several times during the day she wished that shedding a tear would solve her woes. But they would not. So she soldiered on. To add to the misery, the day was filled with tornado watches and flood warnings--simply put, absolutely miserable. She felt tired and defeated.

Ending on a High Note

If you are like many people, you know them best for the hit single "Take on Me." The song that makes many Americans mistakenly think of them as One Hit Wonders. The band I am referring to is a-ha, and they have been one of my favorite bands for the 25 years they have been together. Yes, I have loved them for 25 years. And I am only 26. Amazing how that happens.

Rump Shaking Song of the Moment

Didn't see this one coming, but Kelis' new song, "Acapella," is an incredible piece of pop music. I was never terribly impressed with Kelis other music, but I have yet to be able to listen to this song just once. Can't wait to go out and dance to this one.

Listen for yourself and check out the cool video while you're at it:


Ah, Florence

Miike Snow -- Come Baack

I  love live music. It is one of the greatest of life's pleasures. Good as live music can be on its own, there are a few things that can greatly enhance the live music experience: 1) Having a band knock your socks off and completely exceed any expectations you had for the show; 2) Having a band be even better live than they are on recordings; and 3) Having the experience be that of a combined concert and dance party. Miike Snow performed in Philadelphia on Thursday night and and hit every one of these enhanced concert experience points.

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