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Fashion Offense: NBA Stilettos

Aack! No. Just....no./image via NewsOne.com

The sports world is constantly trying to figure out how to branch into the world of fashion just enough to capture the interest of their female fans and maybe, just maybe, attract some new ones.

Well, I can tell you this right now. The NBA has not figured out how to achieve this balance with their new NBA stilettos.

A Special Memorial Day Greeting from Metta World Peace

Bless his heart.

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Fashion Offense: LeBron James' Louis Vuitton Bag Is Nicer Than Yours

Photo via BlackSportsOnline.com

So, there are a few positives I can hand to the Miami Heat's LeBron James about his accessorizing before Sunday's game against the Lakers.

Ben & Jerry's Removes Fortune Cookies from "Taste the Linsanity" Flavor

Image via laweekly.com

RIP Hip Hop

RIP Hip Hop. You will never be forgotten.

Of Bears and Bron Bron

Gimme that baby bear! Photo via Stilletto Jill

Dose of Crazy: Ron Artest Wants World Peace As Part of His Name

It seems as though you have to be in a certain income bracket in order to attain a certain level of crazy. More likely, it's that income bracket that simply gets you the publicity of your insanity.

Do you know anyone who just changed their name for the heck of it? My point exactly.

Shaq's Retirement Video Shows Just Why We'll Miss Him

Shaquille O'Neal loves his public. That is why he chose to issue the news of his retirement directly to them on Wednesday via Twitter.

Shaq is retiring from the NBA after 19 years. Anyone else feeling old, besides Shaq?

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