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Mike Vick and Jesse Jackson. What?

Harold Carmichael, Michael Vick and Rev. Jesse Jackson in Washington D.C. Photo via Philadelphia Eagles.


2 words for this photo: Um...what?

I need to know how this situation came about, and what exactly was said between Mike Vick and Jesse Jackson. Any guesses?

The Award for Best Use of Social Media by n NFL Team Goes to...

...every team that is not the New York Giants.

Naming one jerk in an organization that seems to be overflowing with them is no easy task. But selection the winner of this prestigious honor was made incredibly simple on Sunday evening, shortly after the Eagles fell to the New York Giants.

What do you think when you think of a PR person? Poise. Class. The ability to spin like nobody’s business.

I Pity The Fool: Tom Brady, Face of UGG for Men

Tom Brady for UGG for Men. Please don't get me started.

It's Time for Football Without Peyton Manning

Fashion Offense: Bless Eli Manning's Heart

Football season starts tomorrow (woot!). Time to sharpen those mock-your-rival-team skills.

Being an Eagles fan, the Giants are among the my most hated teams. I revel in the Giants' misery. And, more than anything else, I laugh at their quarterback. 

The Giants give all opponents the easy comedic target of Eli Manning. Many times when watching Giants' games I have to bite my tongue so that I can stop being mean to Eli.

LA Raiders v. San Francisco 49ers Game Ends in Violence

I know about sports fandom. It often borders on fanaticism. It's passion and a total blindness to logic that, when done properly, are fun as hell.

You Know You're a Football Addict When...

...someone feels it appropriate to send you the following someecard:

Hee hee. Thanks, Ms. Julia!

Roy Williams Teaches You How Not to Propose

Someone isn't smiling about his little proposal fiasco.

Tom Brady Being Tom Brady

Photo courtesy of CBSSports.com

A picture is worth a thousand words. That's all that can be said about this photo.

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