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Peyton and Eli Manning Add Law Enforcement to Their Resumes

Image via footballcops.com

Cam Newton Sings. Cover Your Ears.

Cam Newton is a man of many talents. Singing, however, is not one of them.

Video has surfaced of the 2011's #1 NFL draft pick and new Carolina Panthers QB Newton doing some things I'd recommend he not to publically again:

1. Sing

2. Sing a Justin Bieber song

Philly Sports Muse Rapture Edition: Is There a Lockout in Heaven?

Philly Sports Muse is here to help answer your football questions as they relate to The Rapture. Because football will still be important in Heaven.

Best Episode of "Criminal Minds" of All Time to Air Tonight (VIDEO)

Dallas and Karen Clark on set. Call me crazy, but I think he looks better than Shemar Moore.

Eli Manning is a Papa

Photo by: Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

Tom Brady, Cut Your Hair and Don't Dance in Public Again

Tom Brady and his awful, nubby ponytail

I didn't want to do it. I tried to protect you. But I knew that it was only a matter of time before you found out. That you would one day see it for yourself. So I want to address it with you directly before it's too late. You may have nightmares after seeing what I'm about to show you, but be strong. I know you can handle it.

The New Look of the NFL?

We may be seeing the future of the Philadelphia Eagles. And that future is green, silver, and slick. A photo of what is purported to be the new uniform for the team when Nike takes over the contract for NFL uniforms in 2012 has emerged, possibly providing a glimpse into the future outfit for the team.

Who to Follow on Twitter: Shawn Andrews

If you're not following Shawn Andrews on Twitter (@IMShawnAndrews) already, you need to rectify that situation immediately. If you're not on Twitter, I'm not even sure what to say to you.

Yes, I technically shouldn't like him as much as I do, as the former Eagle is now a member of the blasted New York Giants. But once you have a look at his tweets, you'll forgive him for working for the enemy. He's just too damned funny not to.

The Role of Social Media in the NFL Labor Strife

The following is part of an occasional series from The Sports Muse on the role and influence of social media on sports.

The New York Times last week featured an excellent article by Judy Battista that brought up several interesting points about the current NFL labor dispute and how social media is playing a very public part in the situation.

Sorry, Wiz Khalifa. It's All About Lil Wayne's "Green & Yellow" until after the Super Bowl.

I adore Wiz Khalifa's song "Black and Yellow." The instant I heard this song the catchy tune it was downloaded and on repeat on my iPod. But I knew that I couldn't in good conscience listen to the song in the lead up to the Super Bowl, given my disdain for the Steelers (I was so in denial about the song that I tried to convince myself that the song was a tribute to women of black and yellow skin tones. True story.)

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