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Old Spice

More Ray Lewis

No, I'm not referring to the the first Monday Night Football game of the season, which features Lewis' Ravens battling the New York Jets. I am too emotionally drained from yesterday's games to take on more football. Instead, I am talking about yet another commercial featuring Lewis for Old Spice. It's strange, but I just love it.

Is it wrong that these commercials are making me love Ray Lewis? I never disliked him, but I am instantly a fan of anything or anyone that makes me laugh.

Crazy Old Spice Commercial Kind of Makes Me Love Ray Lewis

I read a lot of chatter via Twitter about the new Old Spice commercial featuring Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. Most of the comments seemed to be along the lines of: "Has Ray Lewis lost his mind?" I finally had a look at the spot and kind of love it. Yes, it's absolutely ridiculous. But that is the brilliance of Old Spices's current campaign. I admit, I am partial to anything Old Spice does with regard to advertising at the moment.

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