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Sorry, Wiz Khalifa. It's All About Lil Wayne's "Green & Yellow" until after the Super Bowl.

I adore Wiz Khalifa's song "Black and Yellow." The instant I heard this song the catchy tune it was downloaded and on repeat on my iPod. But I knew that I couldn't in good conscience listen to the song in the lead up to the Super Bowl, given my disdain for the Steelers (I was so in denial about the song that I tried to convince myself that the song was a tribute to women of black and yellow skin tones. True story.)

Wild Wildcard Weekend

What an emotional weekend. Both 2010 Super Bowl teams are out. The team once talked about as being possible a 2011 Super Bowl contender, Mike Vick and the Eagles, are out. We all predicted this, right?

It was a tumultuous weekend around the NFL. It's the reason football fans love the game and the kind of uncertainty that peaks the curiosity of the casual observer.

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