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Tom Brady and Wes Welker Make Like the Honey Badger and Don't Give a **BLEEP** at the Kentucky Derby

Image via NFL.com

The Kentucky Derby took place over the weekend. Known for mint juleps and giant hats, if you're not going to go overboard and have a little fun with your fashion at the Derby, why bother at all?

Chad Ochocinco Goes Hollywood. Kinda.

Chad Ochocinco, the former Bengals, now New England Patriots wide receiver, is having a tough year. His performance on the field has been abysmal, and he has faced stiff criticism regarding his active social media usage and celebrity from critics because of it. The argument is that he is not focusing enough attention to his new team (which really isn't that new anymore) and stepping up his performance.

Tom Brady Being Tom Brady

Photo courtesy of CBSSports.com

A picture is worth a thousand words. That's all that can be said about this photo.

Tom Brady Whines About His Fans. And His Hair is Still Awful.

If you haven't realized it from previous posts, you know now: I do not like Tom Brady. Yesterday, he revealed that he wasn't happy with fans leaving Patriots' games early. New England fans, please take this as your queue to leave as early as possible at each and every game you attend. Watch a quarter, have a brew, and call it a day. Hey Tommy, most of your fans don't make $19 million a year, so can't afford to miss or be totally exhausted for a day at work.  So sorry to displease you.

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