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Peyton Manning

Women's Wear Daily Does Football: Quarterback Style Ratings

Football talk on Women's Wear Daily--not a pairing you'd expect to see. However, I stumbled upon a little gem on the Mensweek section of WWD that did exactly that. They featured a "Rating the Quarterbacks" piece, ranking the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL based on a variety of factors. Level of play counted for less than half of the overall score. How fun!

NFL Owners on Twitter? Colts’ Jim Irsay Takes Fan Engagement to a New Level

Photo courtesy of Jim Irsay's Twitter page

Get Ready for Manning Bowl!

Manning Bowl is the term coined for the meeting of the teams of Manning brothers Eli (New York Giants) and Peyton (Indianapolis Colts) in NFL competition. It doesn't happen every season so when the match up does occur there is much media attention. You are going to hear the term "Manning Bowl"  so much this week that you soon will get to the stage that you may scream when you hear it. Before you get to that point, watch this DirecTV spot playing off of the upcoming bout of brotherly competition. It's pretty amusing.

Distraction of the Day - Peyton Manning at the ESPY's

I love Peyton Manning. We won't get into the reasons why, but a big factor is that his commercials have always made me laugh. Dude is funny. And humor is big with me. Then you have the SNL skits, and my little heart just can't take it anymore. Yes, he doesn't have a conventionally attractive face, but the man seems to be good at everything.It kind of makes you want to hate him, but if you really can't so just fall into fandom.

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