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Philadelphia Eagles

Needed Distraction for Philadelphia Eagles Fans: Factoid About the Cheerleaders' Uniforms

Philadelphia Eagles fans need a bit of a diversion as their team continues to implode after suffering an eighth straight loss on Sunday night to the Dallas Cowboys. So, let’s talk about the ladies. That’s right--the Eagles cheerleaders.

Menu at Mike Vick's Wedding Included Chicken and Waffles. Yeeees.

Kijafa Frink with now-husband Mike Vick

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick is now a married man.

The Award for Best Use of Social Media by n NFL Team Goes to...

...every team that is not the New York Giants.

Naming one jerk in an organization that seems to be overflowing with them is no easy task. But selection the winner of this prestigious honor was made incredibly simple on Sunday evening, shortly after the Eagles fell to the New York Giants.

What do you think when you think of a PR person? Poise. Class. The ability to spin like nobody’s business.

Announcing Philly Sports Muse and G9 Sports

The Sports Muse has some very exciting news --she's going to have a sister!  Philly Sports Muse will launch on February 1. Philly Sports Muse will focus exclusively on the Philadelphia Eagles. It will feature the wit and gossip of The Sports Muse in a more concentrated, decidedly green fashion.

Vick's In, Kolb's Out


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