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Randy Moss

And You Thought *Your* Job Situation was Uncertain

The 2010 NFL season is far from over and it's already clear that it has been an unusual one, for a variety of reasons. If I had to pick a few words to describe the season thus far, they would be words like surprising. Dramatic. Tumultuous. And if you are a coach in the NFL this year of an under performing team, uncertainty should definitely be the word used to describe the season. With 3 weeks in the regular season remaining, 3 coaches have been fired in the midst of the season.

Oh Randy

Despite coming off of a loss to the Jets, New England Patriot Randy Moss' press conference last week was calm and relatively sane. But he still had on the giant headphones. I tried to find a still but have thus far been unsuccessful. Still, you can witness the choice of accessories here.

Fashion Offense: Randy Moss

Randy Moss displayed a whole lot of crazy in his post game press conference yesterday after the New England Patriots' defeat of the Cincinnati Bengals. So much going on that I couldn't listen after first the 30 seconds of insanity. All I could do was look. At that outfit. Which had oh so many things going on... I think I am most fascinated by the giant headphones. I mean, what?! No, I'm wrong. The pièce de résistance of this ensemble is the red doo rag. Worn beneath an off-center baseball cap.

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