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Social Media

Charlie Manuel Meets Twitter

Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is in tune with what his players do on the field. Off of the field? Not so much.

Shane Victorino, who calls himself the most active tweeter on the team, walked Manual through a tutorial of sorts on Twitter. The ensuing result is hilarius and,thankfully, captured on video.

The Role of Social Media in the NFL Labor Strife

The following is part of an occasional series from The Sports Muse on the role and influence of social media on sports.

The New York Times last week featured an excellent article by Judy Battista that brought up several interesting points about the current NFL labor dispute and how social media is playing a very public part in the situation.

NFL Owners on Twitter? Colts’ Jim Irsay Takes Fan Engagement to a New Level

Photo courtesy of Jim Irsay's Twitter page

Digital Etiquette

I've found myself wondering recently if the dawn of the digital age has meant the death of manners. But I don't think the wonders of technology can be entirely blamed. I think people can now very easily blame their rudeness on technology when the people themselves are, in fact, the real issue. Let's all agree on some very basic standards.

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