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Does ANYONE Care about the Barry Bonds Trial?

Barry Bonds

Last week, we faced the very real possibility of federal government may shut down todaydue to disagreements about how to spend federal funds. Yet no one in Washington seems to care that taxpayer money is being throw out the window on an issue that is a giant waste of time and money. I am speaking about the Barry Bonds trial.

LeBron James' Mother is Insane

Mrs. James enjoying a rare moment of calm

Boo Likes Baseball

He's wearing the wrong team's attire, but this one makes everything adorable so we'll just go with it

Eli Manning is a Papa

Photo by: Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

March Madness!

It's that wonderful time of year...when spring, St. Patrick's Day, and March Madness all collide. For the rest of the month, we're all college basketball fans. Perhaps for the sheer fun of it all, or maybe just for the hope against hope that you win your office pool.

You probably shouldn't hold out hope for that.

Tom Brady, Cut Your Hair and Don't Dance in Public Again

Tom Brady and his awful, nubby ponytail

I didn't want to do it. I tried to protect you. But I knew that it was only a matter of time before you found out. That you would one day see it for yourself. So I want to address it with you directly before it's too late. You may have nightmares after seeing what I'm about to show you, but be strong. I know you can handle it.

The New Look of the NFL?

We may be seeing the future of the Philadelphia Eagles. And that future is green, silver, and slick. A photo of what is purported to be the new uniform for the team when Nike takes over the contract for NFL uniforms in 2012 has emerged, possibly providing a glimpse into the future outfit for the team.

Sorry, Wiz Khalifa. It's All About Lil Wayne's "Green & Yellow" until after the Super Bowl.

I adore Wiz Khalifa's song "Black and Yellow." The instant I heard this song the catchy tune it was downloaded and on repeat on my iPod. But I knew that I couldn't in good conscience listen to the song in the lead up to the Super Bowl, given my disdain for the Steelers (I was so in denial about the song that I tried to convince myself that the song was a tribute to women of black and yellow skin tones. True story.)

Fashion Defense: Aaron Rodgers

The past few days have presented you with clues. Clues as to who The Sports Muse is rooting for in this year's Super Bowl. There were subtexts. Embedded messages. Secret codes. Did you see them? 

Fashion Defense: Clay Matthews

Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews sure cleans up nicely. He goes from this on the field:

Seriously. What is he doing in these pictures?

To this off of it:

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