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Tom Brady

Tom Brady Whines About His Fans. And His Hair is Still Awful.

If you haven't realized it from previous posts, you know now: I do not like Tom Brady. Yesterday, he revealed that he wasn't happy with fans leaving Patriots' games early. New England fans, please take this as your queue to leave as early as possible at each and every game you attend. Watch a quarter, have a brew, and call it a day. Hey Tommy, most of your fans don't make $19 million a year, so can't afford to miss or be totally exhausted for a day at work.  So sorry to displease you.

Tom Brady, Your Hair Makes Me Hate You More

Tom Brady said this week that he doesn't like "Hard Knocks" because he doesn't like the New York Jets. My NFL allegiances are with neither team the Patriots nor the Jets, but Brady's dislike of the Jets makes me like them a whole lot more.

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