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Grand Canyon Part II

After spotting the elk we found the Rim trail and got our first views of the Grand Canyon. The best word to describe this moment is breathtaking. And another: Jaw-dropping. No matter how many amazing pictures you may have seen of the Grand Canyon, they absolutely do not compare to the extent of the beauty and wonder of seeing it in person. It fills you with awe and humility, as well as immense pride, at the fact that one of the world's greatest wonders is in the United States.

Grand Canyon Part I

I admit that I am pretty lucky. My trip to the Grand Canyon was actually a work trip. And my husband was able to go with me. I was excited about the mini-getaway, but didn’t really think about what was ahead of me. I mentioned to a friend that I wished I could bring out adorable cat, Barnaby, with us to the Canyon. At this sentiment, she exclaimed, “What, and risk him being attacked by one of those wild animals?”

City Girl Goes to the Canyon

I visited the Grand Canyon for the first time over the weekend. It was spectacular. I wasn't sure about my level of enjoyment as I am not much of a nature lover--I am a city girl through and through and tend to hyperventilate the further I get from urban areas. But the Grand Canyon may have made me a changed woman! Its beauty is beyond description and the atmosphere was entirely one of peace. I thoroughly enjoyed a challenging hike I took along one of the trails on Monday. I always love returning to Philadelphia, but I kind of wish I were back at the Canyon.

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