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Troy Polamalu

The Mane Event: Super Bowl Hair-Off

In this corner, standing at 5' 10" and 207 pounds with flowing jet black hair is Pittsburgh Steelers safety Trrooooy Palomaluuuu.

Polamalu modeling his million dollar hair

In the other corner, standing at 6'3", 255 pounds and a hair full of golden locks is Green Packer outside linebacker Claaaay Maaathews.

Troy's Luscious Locks

It's a good thing that Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is a large man. And trained to destroy grown men. Because otherwise I think he would get his arse kicked left and right. For the following reasons:

1. Long, flowing locks down to his behind -- check.
2. A spokesman for a major shampoo company (Head & Shoulders) -- check.
3. Hair so gorgeous and irreplaceable it is insured for one million dollars by said shampoo company? -- check.

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