About That Halftime Show: What Can We Expect From Madonna?

Go 'head, Madge. Photo via nj.com

Super Bowl 46 is upon us and it's time to discuss a very important aspect of the big game. Not just how to survive if you can't stomach either team.

I'm talking about the halftime show.

There's been hemming and hawing about the selection of Madonna as the choice for the halftime entertainment since the moment the selection was revealed. Time to get over it. The choice is actually quite brilliant.

To command attention at the Super Bowl, you have to be bigger than the stage that holds you. Bigger than life. Madonna certainly fits that bill. The Material Girl's concerts aren't just about the music, and to some of you that's a good thing. Originally trained as a dancer, the woman knows how to put on a show.

Very few people remember the actual music from Super Bowl halftime shows. I don't remember anything that Prince sang the year that he performed, but I remember him...doing things to his guitar.

What you hear in the moments and days after the Super Bowl are the sights over the sounds. Madonna is known for her brilliant use of imagery over the years, working and re-working the way she is presented and viewed, and the staging of her shows reflect her incredible visual creativity as well.

Madge, the consummate entertainer, still has people talking about her Victor Cruz-inspired salsa dance at her press conference (see above photo). And with that, she displayed the wisdom of her selection. She will have people talking.

Before you get all nervous, Madonna promised vowed that there will be no wardrobe malfunctions. When those words were uttered there a collective, planet-wide sigh of relief...

There are a few things we know about Madonna's show. She will  include Cee-Lo Green and LMFAO into the performance as an attempt to appeal to an even broader audience. She said at her press conference in Indianapolis that she has never worked so hard or been so meticulous about a performance as she has for the 4-song set she is preparing for the Super Bowl.

That's saying a lot.

In her over three decade career, there is at least one song you know you find yourself humming along to. I don't care who you are. You have one. Madonna said that she will feature one new song and three classics. So what is it that you most want to hear?

In her press conference, Madonna wore a cross around her neck and spoke a lot about prayers. I think she was sending a signal to us about her setlist. I hear ya, girl. "Like A Prayer" it is! Tim Tebow will like that one. So long as no burning crosses are involved.

Whatever she has planned, it will be big. And creative. Whether we like it or not remains to be seen.

Well, it's Madonna, so I'm going to like it. I mean the rest of you.

This is going to be fuuun.

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