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The Sports Muse presents a new spin on sports. It is state of mind. It's a look at the world of sports and athletes through a lens of wit, sarcasm, and, of course, concern for fashion.
Think you don't like sports? Think again. The Sports Muse provides sassy commentary on the layers upon layers of entertainment inherent in sports news.The Sports Muse aims to show everyone, male or female, athletic or otherwise, that sports are as interesting as life.

While the posts featured on The Sports Muse should be entertaining to those who actively follow sports, The Sports Muse seeks to engage those who otherwise believe that they are not interested in sports. Sports are riveting, exciting, intriguing, heartbreaking, heartwarming and inspirational all at once. And sometimes, the athletes are wear incredibly, awesomely bad things that we need to talk about.

The Muse:

The Sports Muse is aka Philly Sports Muse aka Brandyn Campbell.  She is a freelance writer and social media manager who loves sports and fashion, the topics she combines in this blog.

After Brandyn's family and friends lovingly pointed out that she had a "unique' perspective on sports news (due to the snarky comments yelled to her tv screen during SportsCenter), Brandyn decided to create The Sports Muse.

Brandyn has lived in Philadelphia for 15 years and is a fan of Philadelphia sports, particularly the Eagles. She writes a column during the season for PhiladephiaEagles.com called Women's World that brings the perspecitive of a female sports fan to the team's website.

To find out more about Brandyn and her writing, visit Philly Sports Muse as well as her personal website.

If you like this site and are a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, check out my other site, Philly Sports Muse. Same wit, but with a bit more grit.

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