Anatomy of an NFL Player's Tweets

In the NFL and new to twitter? Not sure what you should tweet to your followers? Not to worry. After extensive study and research of the tweets of existing players on Twitter, I have created a guide about what to discuss with your fans:

1. Mention play of video game--perferably Madden but occasionally display diversified video game interests. 

Examples -

@Philgood50: RT @912mal @Philgood50 Yo Phil how are you on that new Madden? We gotta get a game in- man I like madden 10 better but ill still woop u n 11

@OGOchoCinco: Okay nothing going on in Cincy tonight, anybody want they ass whooped on line in Madden?

@Mark_Sanchez: Had a blast w/ my teammates today playin Halo: is my fav halo yet!! Can't wait to actually have my own c ...

2. Mention food--desire for it, fact that you are about to have it, or recap of your enjoyment of it.

Examples -

@stewbradley: Just got to KC, crushed Popeyes chicken on the flight over. Happy day 

@Pat1Mcafee: @YungLace27 haha I know but steak places usually dont start till 5. Im dyin right now

@Pat1McAfee: Just had the best steak of my life at Elways Steakhouse. Now relaxing till meetings, all these clocks are two hours behind it's so weird.

3. Wrecklessly use the term "lol." As a punctuation, comma, and/or an exclamation. Even if not actually laughing out loud.

@kurt13warner: Did u guys know there was a game tonight? LOL! Wow, great start for the Saints!

 @BRiiTEFameDamn I swear BestBuy is the grown mans #toysRus.....gimme my money back but I still keep my stuff lol #PieInTheSky

@LeonardWeaver@_SoCaL_Eagle_ lol?????

This brief but comprehensive guide should provide you with the tools needed to have a long and successful presence on Twitter. Enjoy your new found followers and happy tweeting!

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