Andrew Bynum of All People Doesn't Approve of RG3's Hairdo

So, yeah. Bynum's look or RG3's? Exactly.

Following the Washington Redskins loss in the NFC Wildcard game to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, injured rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III appeared at his postgame press conference looking neat and stylish. His braids were pulled back by a thin yellow headband that framed his youthful face, a fitting contrast to his gray pinstriped vest. A styling job well done, I thought.

But not all agreed. Of all people on this planet to have something to say about someone’s hair, Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum stepped up to the plate. Yes, that Andrew Bynum. His disapproval was tweeted by his Sixer teammate Evan Turner:

Um, Andrew? A couple of things. First, how are things going with that knee? Let’s worry about that more than we are about RG3's locks. And, actually, perhaps you should investigate the braids and headband look for yourself, as you seem at a loss as to how to style that mess atop your head.

H/T Bleacher Report

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