Andrew Bynum Needs A Hair Intervention

That sh*t cray.

There is no excuse for Andrew Bynum to appear in public the way he showed up courtside to the Detroit Pistons versus Philadelphia Sixers game on Wednesday night.

Bynum’s knee ailment has prevented him from practicing with his new teammates. Yeah, yeah, I know he's rehabbing. But what is he doing in his spare time?

Obviously not tending to his hair.

Hair is a very touchy subject with black folk. I know this. I’m not talking about Bynum's hair in any sort of political sense--no processed versus natural debate or judgments here. The issue is really the fact that the hairdo (can I even call it a style?) is just...not okay.

Did some cornrows ever kill anyone? Hell, even some Soul Glo would be an upgrade. Or hey, Andrew, what about this: stick with the Frederick Douglass look! At least that style looks like it MEANS something.

But Bynum's current look? It screams, “I’m a mess.”

In the end, Andrew Bynum is rich and doesn’t give a crap if he looks ridiculous. He may be a mess but he’s okay with it. He doesn’t care what any of us have to say and good for him. But honestly. Can someone sneak a barber in to see that man while he sleeps?

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