Andy Reid Said Sean McDermott Would Be Back for 2011 Season. Which Means He Was Fired the Next Day.


A key lesson of 2010 has already proven its importance early in 2011. If you are on Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid's payroll, there is something you should hope and pray for day in and day out. That Reid never mentions publicly that your job is safe. As Kevin Kolb and now Sean McDermott have learned, that's a sure kiss of death.

If Andy Reid is in charge of your hiring and firing, and if you hear that he has mentioned your name publicly ,you should take the following measures: 1) Gather your thoughts; 2) Take a deep breath; 3) Gather your belongings; 4) Go tell your family that you're screwed. To paraphrase the words of another former Eagles' employee, the wish should be for Reid to keep your name out his mouth.

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