Announcing Philly Sports Muse and G9 Sports

The Sports Muse has some very exciting news --she's going to have a sister!  Philly Sports Muse will launch on February 1. Philly Sports Muse will focus exclusively on the Philadelphia Eagles. It will feature the wit and gossip of The Sports Muse in a more concentrated, decidedly green fashion.

Philly Sports Muse will be a part of the G9 Sports network, which will also launch on February 1. G9 Sports is set to make history--it will be the only network of its kind. It will feature blogs devoted to every team of every sport, with each blog run by women. Girl power at its finest. To learn more about this exciting network, go here to learn about G9 Sports directly from its founder, Chicago Cubs blogger Julie DiCaro.

Check for news and updates about Philly Sports Muse and G9 Sports via this site. You can join Philly Sports Muse's Facebook page for Eagles updates and discussion. You can also follow Philly Sports Muse on Twitter at @sports_muse

Thanks in advance for supporting Philly Sports Muse and G9 Sports!



Congratulations to my beautiful and very talented daughter-in-law. May you reach for the stars, and in the process keep us informed of the interesting happenings in the Eagles world!!!!!!!

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I can't wait for more articles! When will you update your interesting site?


Philly Sports Muse, the Philadelphia Eagles site, will launch in exactly one week and be updated constantly. This site is updated regularly as well, so stay tuned! And thanks for reading.

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