The Award for Best Use of Social Media by n NFL Team Goes to...

...every team that is not the New York Giants.

Naming one jerk in an organization that seems to be overflowing with them is no easy task. But selection the winner of this prestigious honor was made incredibly simple on Sunday evening, shortly after the Eagles fell to the New York Giants.

What do you think when you think of a PR person? Poise. Class. The ability to spin like nobody’s business.

On the Giants, they seem to like their PR man to be none of these things. They want him to talk trash on other organization in the NFL, because that’s what any organization should spend their time doing. That is what VP of Communications for the New York Giants, Pat Hanlon, certainly likes to do.

See for yourself.

Why would that even be necessary? Why, as the representative of an entire organization on Twitter, would you think that attacking fans of another team is a good idea?

Oh, I forgot–because you think that attacking your own fans is a good idea.

This kind of nonsense makes the Eagles loss to the Giants that much more disappointing. People like to talk a lot of trash about the Eagles and Philadelphia sports fans but I don’t see anyone from the Eagles behaving like this.

I guess that’s the biggest difference between the Giants and the Eagles. New York thinks that winning 1 game out of 7 meetings make them winners. The Eagles know that it’s about a body of work–your collective record and the way you present yourself as an organization.

Yes, we talk about the Miracle at the Meadowlands and always will. So will everyone who saw it. Because it was tremendous accomplishment by the Eagles, who capitalized on the epic failure of the Giants.

Sure, the Giants won this one time. If they can do it again, or even make the playoffs this year, why don’t we talk then. Or if that quarterback of theirs can find a way to continue his streak of not having interceptions–then we’ll talk about hard work.

Also, you idiot? You speak so highly of fans in New Jersey. The southern portion of that state? Eagles territory. Hands off.

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