Of Bears and Bron Bron

Gimme that baby bear! Photo via Stilletto Jill
LeBron James is making the most of the NBA lockout and is getting out and seeing the world. His travels have taken him to China, where he has had an experience most of us can only dream about.

I am jealous of Bron Bron. Not because of his money or his talent. No, I'm not that complicated. He seems to have it all--well, aside from adoring masses, that is.

I'm a big fan of cute. Who can resist photos of precious, cuddly, fluffy baby animals? So why am I mad at Bron Bron? Nothing to do with his use or abuse of social media, or professional decisions he's chosen to make via ESPN primetime broadcast. No, all you have to do is look at the photo above.
Damn you, LeBron. I want to hold a baby panda too! Life is so unfair.
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