Best Episode of "Criminal Minds" of All Time to Air Tonight (VIDEO)

Dallas and Karen Clark on set. Call me crazy, but I think he looks better than Shemar Moore.

Get your behinds ready for what is sure to be the best episode in the history of "Criminal Minds." Full disclosure: I've never seen  even one episode of the show. And I will never watch it again after tonight. Nothing against "Criminal Minds," but as this will clearly the best episode of all time, why sit around waiting to be disappointed by every other episode? That's just silly.

Why will tonight's episode be so great? Because it will feature Colts tight end Dallas Clark in his acting debut. Even before seeing the clip below, I knew that Dallas would be fabulous. How could he not be?

I hope he has a Hollywood agent all lined up, because after tonight's Emmy winning performance, Dallas is going to have to fend hundreds, if not thousands, of television offers. I'm thinking he can do movies in the offseason. An action hero of some kind. Lots of muscle shirts. Thoughts?

Check out a preview of the amazing, multi-talented Clark here.

Criminal Minds airs tonight at 9 pm on CBS.

UPDATE: In case you missed it (how could you?!), here is the clip of Dallas Clark, aka Austin Kent.


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