Best Week Ever?

The second week of the 2010 football season is ending. In my eyes, it's going to be hard to top it. After last week's failings, both of my teams pulled through this week for wins.  Though it wasn't pretty, the Eagles won with Michael Vick as quarterback. Even though "only" over Detroit, it is still a win. Big bro showed little bro who was boss in the Manning Bowl, and in so doing made me forget the pain that was the Colts season opener/slaughter by the Texans.

Don't try me again, kid.

The Cowboys lost, for an 0-2 start to the season.Tony Romo wondered if he'll ever win a football game again. My hot mess buddy Brett Favre led his Vikings to an 0-2 record, throwing 4 interceptions. Perhaps some time in training camp would have done him good.

And lastly: The Patriots lost.  Tom Brady whined. Oh, it was delightful.

Best week ever?


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