Boo Likes Baseball

He's wearing the wrong team's attire, but this one makes everything adorable so we'll just go with it

Do you know Boo? Allow me to make an introduction. This little fuzzball just so happens to be the cutest dog in the history of the universe. Boo has a Facebook page with over a million fans simply because he is adorable.That's some kind of cuteness.

Just when you think I couldn't love Boo anymore, I learn that he is a sports fan. As we're in the first week of baseball season, Boo got all gussied up to get us in the mood to cheer in the Boys of Summer.

Good on ya, Boo. I wonder what football team he supports? Consider the outfit selection when football season eventually arrives very carefully, little one. I would hate to love you even the slightest bit less.

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