Brett Favre on "Dancing with the Stars"? Yes, Please

Look! He's got the jazz hands down!

USA Today reported on Thursday that supposedly retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre would report for the newest season of "Dancing with the Stars." When I heard the rumor, my initial reaction was, "oh no." After 10 seconds of reflection, the thought moved to, "heck yes!" What was better in 2010 than watching Brett Favre utterly and completely destroy his once respected reputation? Without Brett Favre, there were had been much less fodder for The Sports Muse. Favre and all of his hot mess-ness  even partially inspired some of this site's product line. He's a mess, and I love writing about it.

A day after the initial speculation, Favre's daughter Brittany came out to say that the rumors were false.

Brittany, I'm sure you're a wonderful person and Imma let you finish, but I don't believe you. As you a father who has retired from his job 3 times and unretired twice,forgive me if I take nothing said by anyone in the Favre family at face value.

Let's think about it. One thing we know about Brett Favre is that he needs to be the center of attention. Just imagine his sad, Dorito eating self  over the past week. He's retired. He clearly doesn't have any hobbies--productive ones, anyway. No one cares about him except to find out the latest woman who's suing him for being subjected to photos of his parts. And in one night, his time in Green Bay was overshadowed by a new darling--Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers has now not only matched Favre's number of Super Bowl wins but surpassed them. In year's big game Rodgers was named Super Bowl XLV MVP. Favre received no such honors from his Super Bowl win.

So Favre is now bored, embarrassed, and wondering about his place in history. Clearly this means he needs to get back into America's consciousness. What better way to do this than appear on DWTS? 

The new season's cast will be on announced on February 28. Despite Brittany Favre's denial, I expect to see her papa on the list.

He's clearly going to need a LOT of practice.

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