Brooklyn Nets Go Hard with Dance Team Uniforms

Image via Yahoo! Sports

To call Jay-Z merely a rapper is to disregard his incredible business sense. The multimedia mogul is also an author, restaurateur and partial owner of the Brooklyn Nets, to name a few of his hobbies. Hova secured the move of the NBA franchise formerly known as the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn, and caused a stir when he revealed the team's black and white uniforms.

The outfits of the Nets' dance team, the Brooklynettes, were revealed on Tuesday and echo the team's color scheme. They are decidedly different from the short and sequined looks of dancers from the rest of the league, which certainly helps the team further form its brand. If you don't like the stark sexuality represented by the leather and knee-high boots of the dance team's uniform then it's time to go home. Or at least not attend Nets games.

David Dalrymple, a costume designer who has worked for years with Patricia Fields to create the inspiring looks from "Sex and the City," created the looks. Come on, now. You know Jay-Z doesn't mess around. Said Dalrymple of his creations, ""This isn't palm trees and sunshine. It's New York City, and it's Brooklyn. It's a different sensibility. We go hard."

*cues "Brooklyn Go Hard" on iPhone*

I can't say I'm in love with the looks but I see what Dalrymple has set out to achieve with them. The uniforms are certainly unique. And dance team outfits generally do not exist to be statements of style and taste. They're for booty-shaking and energizing the crowd. In that regard the outfits are spot-on. I can actually imagine these designs helping to make the Brooklynettes as iconic as the Laker Girls.

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