Chad Ochocinco Goes Hollywood. Kinda.

Chad Ochocinco, the former Bengals, now New England Patriots wide receiver, is having a tough year. His performance on the field has been abysmal, and he has faced stiff criticism regarding his active social media usage and celebrity from critics because of it. The argument is that he is not focusing enough attention to his new team (which really isn't that new anymore) and stepping up his performance.

Tom Brady has said he still has faith in the wideout. And hopefully that will turn into results for 85 soon, or else he's going to have some issues finding a new team for 2012. But good ole Chad hasn't forgotten the very thing that has made him so loved by football fans and non-fans alike: His sense of humor.

Ladies and gentlement, I present to you Ochocinco's short-lived Twitter avatar.

Image via NESN

NESN writer Mike Cole notes that Ochocinco, "may actually have more avatar changes this season than receptions." Ouch. The image was posted to 85's Twitter account on Tuesday and taken down the same day.

The reasons for the brief lifespan of the avatar are unclear. Perhaps Bill "Hoodie" Belichick didn't like it. But at least we'll always have the memories.

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