Cole Hamels Shows Off His Runway Skills. Or Lack Thereof.

Cole Hamels certainly has the looks of a supermodel. But he always messes them up somehow. By speaking. Or appearing in ads and being creepy with his pregnant wife or hanging out with random children. In bed. Yeah, that's normal.

Hamels seems like a really nice man but the Phillies ace also he seems incredibly awkward.

Dare you doubt me? Just check out this photo of Hamels taking a turn on the runway at the Shane Victorino Foundation's 2nd annual All-Star Celebrity Fashion Show on Thursday.

Photo via @PhilaPhillies on Twitter

Really? What is this pose, Cole? Have you seen this in GQ or another men's fashion magazine? Probably not. Because it's something you should never do again.

Look at Ry Ry (Ryan Howard to you) in the corner, having fun with the experience yet still looking suave, handsome and relaxed.

And then there is Cole. Handsome but in a cringe-worthy pose. Do you want to talk to him about this or shall I?

Watch the video below to get a better sense of Cole's runway skills. I do love that he doesn't take himself too seriously, which would is a far worse affliction for handsome athletes than overall dorkiness. But my goodness.

Ryan Howard, on the other hand? Totally rocking it. Someone get that man a modeling contract. 

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