Condoleezza Rice in a Browns Jersey - Happy NFL Opening Day!

Oh happy day.  After a seven month drought, today marks the start of the 2012 NFL season.

What better time to comment on something I’ve been meaning to talk for a few weeks: Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a Cleveland Browns jersey.

The ad is part of the National Football League’s continuing strategy to connect with female fans. The “It’s My Team” campaign features famous women, like Rice and Serena Williams, sporting the jerseys of their favorite NFL teams.

Which brings me back to Condi. First of all, I applaud anyone brave enough to loudly and publicly proclaim their love for the Browns. Although she looks perfectly nice in her Cleveland jersey, I’m stuck at my own inability to picture Rice immersed in football culture. At the tailgate. Cursing at opponents. Swilling back beer after beer. Condi?

Even the photo belies a Conoleezza who doesn't seem ready to fully let go. Note her brown Browns jersey dress pant. Is this a look at State or something? Does Rice now want to show her totally hip side in her Seven jeans? Or is Condi in a mom jean the most we can hope for?

It all makes me wonder what the real Rice might be like. The casual yet proper football attire is just a facade. I bet she terrorizes people in her fantasy football league and doesn't speak for hours after the disappointment of yet another Cleveland loss on game days, all the while rocking her Browns jersey. She is an enigma.

A group shot of the women featured in the It's My Team campaign is featured below. Leave it to Serena Williams to absolutely rock her look in a Dolphin's jersey. Go 'head, girl, as that's yet another team that will be bringing no joy to fans on game days.

I don't see anyone modeling an Eagles jersey... *clears throat loudly*

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