Cristiano Ronaldo Is Like...Woah

Photo via The Times Magazine's Facebook page

Breathe. Take a few moments to behold the amazingness that is the photo above.

This, my dear friends, is the cover for the New York Times Style Magazine on Sunday. I never get the Times and I already have a mound of maagazines that I haven't had time to read stacked in my living room, but this may need to be added to the pile.

Much to the chagrin of my dear friend Kat, I am not a huge fan of soccer. I get into it during the World Cup, but I am not interested enough to seek it out the 4 years in between.

I also am not terribly enamoured with soccer players, though there are notable exceptions (I like the Frenchies--Eric Cantona and Zinedine Zinedane and Thierry Henry).

Like everyone else, of course, I know Ronaldo. How could you not? I've seen him. Handsome, but he's never done anything for me. But, I'd like to think of myself as an open-minded individual.

And this photo has opened my mind.

That face is perfection. The world of modeling awaits Ronaldo when he has left the soccer pitch. Also, can the man please give me some eyebrow advice? Dios mio.

In the end, Ronaldo still isn't going to make it to the list of my sports boos. But we will always have this photo.

You can pick up your very own copy of the New York Times Style Magazine with Ronaldo on the cover this coming Sunday.

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