Didn't Watch The ESPYs? Don't Worry, No One Else Did, Either.

Did you tune in to the ESPYs on Wednesday night? If not, don't you worry. It doesn't sound like many other people did, either. The awards show suffered its lowest ratings since 1995.
Evidently, only just under 2 million of us--1.94 million, to be exact-- bothered to tune in to the glitz and glam of the sports world. These numbers are down 24% from the show's viewership last year, when 2.61 million people tuned in.

I think it was because this year's awards didn't feature any skits with Peyton Manning, but perhaps I'm a bit biased. Perhaps he was busy with his new babies or something.

The show, ESPN's showcase of the melding of the sports and entertainment worlds, should be a lot better than they are. So much potential wasted. This year's show seemed to think that all 2 million of its viewers were 12 year-old girls, as ESPN pushed the attendance of Justin Bieber at the show. HARD. Um, really? Advice to ESPN: Get a real, age appropriate star next time, if you're going to mention it every 12 seconds. Someone those who have hit puberty would care about.

The talk of the ESPYs were two-fold: Brian Wilson's spandex tuxedo (yes, you read that correctly) and Serena Williams.

No, I don't mean Williams' outfit. I mean Serena Williams herself. See below to see what I mean.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Do you hear that? It's the sound of enrollment in tennis academies across the nation rising dramatically.

As other..parts of Serena drowned out her fashion choice, I can't give her a fashion offense OR defense, but rather a fashion DAY-UM. The outfit seemed nice, but who can really see it with all of the bam-bam-BAM going on?

Of Wilson's fashion choice, he stated via Twitter, "The Tux. Made of reproduced underwater sea lion-platypus hybrid DNA. Just keeping it classy! #fearthespandex"

Brian Wilson's sassy red carpet look

Wilson's outfit was so crazy, The Sports Muse's typical categories also don't fit to characterize The Bearded One's spandex attire. It's just a fashion-glad- you're-having-fun-and-can-laugh-at-yourself.

It somewhat pains me that the one event that combines my dual passions of sports and fashion is  such a dud. But, there were a few laughs to be had. Check out host Seth Myers monologue where he gets plenty of digs at the likes of Wilson and everyone's favorite, LeBron James.

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