Distraction of the Day - Peyton Manning at the ESPY's

I love Peyton Manning. We won't get into the reasons why, but a big factor is that his commercials have always made me laugh. Dude is funny. And humor is big with me. Then you have the SNL skits, and my little heart just can't take it anymore. Yes, he doesn't have a conventionally attractive face, but the man seems to be good at everything.It kind of makes you want to hate him, but if you really can't so just fall into fandom.

I have decided that if Peyton doesn't do at least SOME acting on the sad, sad day when he retires from football, it will be a crime.

My current state of gleeful Comcast-lessness made me unable to watch this year's ESPY's. But the wonder of the internets made it very easy to find the best part of this year's show. Just as he did at last year's awards, Peyton made an appearance with a killer skit.

 I would totally see this movie.

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