Eli Mannning on SNL: Will He Surprise Us?

After winning his second Super Bowl ring, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has built up the cajones to finally accept Saturday Night Live's offer to be guest host.

Will he surpass expectations? Maybe. I can't imagine that there are many anticipating that this will go well for Eli so if you don't expect much, it won't take much to impress you.

To be fair, Manning is in a unique situation. His big brother Peyton hosted the show after his Super Bowl win in 2007 and quite simply killed it. He did a better job than many professional actors on the show. Eli will have big shoes to fill, but this is something he has faced his whole life. Maybe he'll surprise us (I don't really believe that but want to pretend that I'm being fair).

Here are some of his promos:

I confess, I laughed. In that "oh my goodness this is really uncomfortable" sort of way. But for the first time in his life Eli Manning made me chuckle, so maybe we're on to something.

What we will all be wondering, though, is if Eli can top Peyton's United Way skit. And the answer is no. This is absolutely not possible.

Forget how awesome that skit was? Impossible. Simply want to take another look at it? Here you go.

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