Erin Andrews Really Likes Her Horrid Hat

Photo courtesy of Erin Andrews' Twitter profile (

Wow. Erin Andrews really likes the flying saucer on her head that she wore to the Kentucky Derby.

When checking out a link to a story she had done, I came across the ESPN personality's Twitter feed. I was greeted with the image above as her profile picture. Which leads me to believe that Erin really digs the get-up she wore to the Kentucky Derby.

Evidently the near-beating she caused due to her hat wasn't an issue for her.

I'm sure that Ms. Andrews doesn't care what The Sports Muse or anyone else has to say about her look. So there is only one solution to stopping the mayhem caused by a hat that bleeds into 5 zipcodes. Don't allow her in to the Kentucky Derby next year.

Sorry, dear, but lives and public safety must be protected.

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