Fall Fashion Must-Haves: Coffee, Sports, and Cell Phone

Fall is here, and with it some of the most amazing parts of our culture: Football. Houndstooth. The iconic Starbucks red cup.

Coffee. Yes please.

Each autumn delivers rich, warm style options that present a delightful challenge: Finding a way to make them your own. For this sports-obsessed, coffee-loving, cell-addicted writer, simply adding a few key accessories to any look, be it for work or brunch, make it all mine.

A gorgeous, classic Ralph Lauren dress can be dressed up or down with a cardigan or blazer.

 This houndstooth delight, complete with a touch of bling, is a cell phone case that doubles as a clutch. Because all you really need is your cell phone anyway.(from ezbuysdirect.com)

It's the middle of the week. You want to show your Eagles (or other team) pride, but you can't whip out the jersey just yet. What to do?  Add a touch of team spirit to your look, keep your hands warm, and all the while text up a storm while walking into the office. Done and done. (via nflshop)

Speaking of warmth, your coat will make the biggest statement about your look in the cold fall and winter months. A classic shape with a modern edge in a bold color is a wise way to go.

Damn right.

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