Fashion Defense: Aaron Rodgers

The past few days have presented you with clues. Clues as to who The Sports Muse is rooting for in this year's Super Bowl. There were subtexts. Embedded messages. Secret codes. Did you see them? 

If you didn't, not to worry. They don't exist. Not really, anyway. There are a few hints: The multitude of times that I have called Ben Roethlisberger the rapist that he is on this site, for instance. I debated trying to find one Steelers player who hadn't dressed like a rodeo clown when arriving in Dallas to put forth as an example of a fashion defense. To be fair and balanced. But then I thought better of it. Why? No one's coming to this site for even-handed coverage. Of anything. If you are, God bless you, love you for reading, but you're severely misguided.

The final in my Super Bowl XLV series of fashion offense/defense/citations is a defense of Aaron Rodger's arrival outfit in Dallas on Monday. I love it. The blazer paired with the jeans, the darker wash, relaxed fit, and wide leg of the jeans...I could write about a page long diatribe on the resistance of some men in wearing darker wash jeans. I feel that strongly about it. They look better. Look at Aaron! Wear them. End of story.

Hopefully Rodgers' stylish attire and wide grin indicate that he is ready to take on all of the challenges that Dallas and the Super Bowl have for him. Grind on the field, look good off of it. This should be every athlete's motto.

I don't love either team appearing in tomorrow's Super Bowl, but for now I say to you: Go Pack Go!


That's my nickname for the Green Bay QB. I think he looks quite fine. Armed with his brief case, he is ready to work on his plays and not just party!!!!!Nice clean cut look works for me every time!!!!! I suspect the outfit underscores the serious nature of this fine QB who is probably a gentleman off the field. I know he behaves on the field!!!!!

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